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I think I had my first breakdown in a while today.
I don't know why, but a certain thing go to me.
I felt so embarrased, because I couldn't wait to get home to cry.
I wish I had had my sunglasses.

No one really understood me today.
I think I was overly tired, that's all.

Hotoke no kao mo san-do made
I guess that what happened today.

On another note, I've been watching an Anime I really enjoy, Called Mai- or Mi-HiME.
Watch it.


No school

I had an ok day
went downtown
but then
I went to Raley's
they arent hiring right now :[
but now they know my name
so I hope if they need someone, they'll call me first.

Qui sème le vent récolte la tempête.
I'm still paying.

Random: The brand of shorts I' wearing is called Versailles.


I am in LOVE with the song

by Versailles

I think I think

life has been going so fast.
too fast for me too keep up with it
weeks fly by
days are like minutes
hours are like seconds
no time no time

too much pressure
I look back
and wish i didnt care
I am happy who i am today
i happy with what i have
no bother no bother
i wish i was all alone
because its better for me
i wish there were no mirrors
not to see can't see

if i ever meet the special someone for me,
i never want to be bothered again by anyone else
but that person

i know i can only be a goodgreat friend and a pleasurable person
when there is only me and you
three is a crowd sometimes

i want it to rain
i want to break free
break free of chains of shallowness
i want it to rain on me

you can't judge but its hard
i can't be who i want
labeling is not what i need

just remember
i like you the way you are alwaysforever
im going down down//spiral

Well Well

Sometimes its sad.
visiting grandparents.
Its so sad to watch them as they age.
Watch them forget what they were doing.
Watch them get tired early.
after this weekend, it made me realize how much time has went by.
How much i take for granted lately.


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